Naughty Dog is donating the money from its ‘Jak and Daxter’ reissues

Proceeds from the games will go to seven charities.

Early this year, to celebrate its 35th anniversary, game developer Naughty Dog did a physical reissue of its classic PS2-era Jak and Daxter games for PlayStation 4. Fans apparently loved it. The collector's edition sold out in hours and the standard editions sold out in less than a week. Now, instead of pocketing the cash, Naughty Dog is donating all of the proceeds to a bunch of charities.

Money from the games (Jak and Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3 and Jak X: Combat Racing), which were released with help from Limited Run Games, will support K9 for Warriors, Child's Play, Surfrider Foundation, LGBT Center for Los Angeles, Able Gamers and DAGERS.

"We're proud to lend our support to these groups advocating and advancing important work for accessibility, environmental conservation, veterans, the LGBTQ+ community, and children's hospitals," Naughty Dog President Evan Wells wrote in a blog post.

We don't know exactly how much Naughty Dog is donating, but whatever the amount, it's nice to see the gaming community giving back. Last month, Desert Bus for Hope raised $864,415.01 for the Child's Play hospital charity, and earlier this year, Ubisoft pledged to donate $564,000 to help rebuild Notre-Dame.

If you're inspired to do a little good, we've rounded up a few charities that deliver gifts to those in need.