Citizen has a fancier alternative to Amazon's Alexa wall clock

In case the Echo Wall Clock is too plain.

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If you find Amazon's Echo Wall Clock a tad too drab but still like the idea of a connected timepiece on your wall, Citizen might have what you're looking for. The company has introduced a Smart Clock thatcan accept Alexa commands through other devices to set timers, much like its Amazon counterpart, but offers a more stylish package that could better fit in with your decor. Set a timer and blue LEDs in the minute markers will show the remaining time without making you reach for your phone or twist your arm to look at a watch -- helpful if you're cooking or otherwise don't have a hand free.

The Citizen clock is considerably more expensive than the Echo Wall Clock at $80, and that's for the standard metal frame. The price climbs to $90 if you want a wooden frame, and that's not including the four C batteries you'll need (and aren't included) to keep either model powered for roughly a year. Nonetheless, it's good to have another major option in the (frankly rather small) smart wall clock market.

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