Corsair acquires Scuf's controller business to expand its gaming empire

Modular gamepads will soon be a staple of Corsair's lineup.

Corsair wasn't done growing after it bought Elgato Gaming and Origin PC. The peripheral maker has acquired Scuf, an Atlanta outfit known for its highly modular gamepads. The move will make Corsair a key player in "performance controllers," while Scuf sees this as a chance to grow through its soon-to-be-parent's "operational scale." As with earlier deals, Scuf will still work as a separate brand and keep its existing offices. Don't expect a radical change in direction, at least not at first.

The buyout should be completed within the next 30 days.

This may be a shrewd move. Scuf gamepads tend to be expensive, but they're also incredibly customizable in both functionality and appearance -- there's a good reason why we included the Vantage 2 in our holiday gift guide. The acquisition lets Corsair walk into this space with an experienced and well-known brand, rather than having to spend years building its reputation from scratch.

It also sheds more light on Corsair's overall strategy. Between Scuf, Elgato and Origin, the brand clearly wants to escape its roots as the company that makes your PC's keyboard or power supply. It might not have quite the all-encompassing hardware lineup of a rival like Razer, but that appears to be the goal.