Mercedes EQA teaser reveals an electric counterpart to the GLA

It should be the more affordable alternative to the EQC.

Mercedes has posted a teaser for the production EQA, and it doesn't appear share much of anything in common with the 2018 concept EV. The near-finished vehicle is now positioned as an "electric brother" of the 2021 GLA crossover, complete with a virtually identical side profile. Mercedes hasn't said much more, but it is promising "off-road features" for more adventurous drivers. You can expect an official debut sometime in 2020.

The design may disappoint those who were hoping for a truly small electric Merc (the EQ Fortwo doesn't count). However, it could also be pleasing to those who want an electric SUV with a tri-star badge but feel the EQC is out of their price range. The GLA is one of Mercedes' most affordable models in North America, after all, and even the usual electrification premium could make its EV equivalent decidedly more affordable than the $67,900 EQC.