'Narcos: Mexico' returns for its second season on February 13th

Happy Valentine's Day -- we got you a Mexican drug cartel.

It took more than a year, but Netflix finally has a release date for the second season of Narcos: Mexico. The dramatization of the war on drugs will continue right before Valentine's Day, on February 13th. We're not quite sure that tales of violent Mexican drug lords are romantic, but this will give you something fresh to watch if you're marking the special occasion at home.

Only a handful of cast members are known to be coming back so far, including Diego Luna (Gallardo), Scoot McNairy (the narrator) and Teresa Ruiz (Bautista). We wouldn't be surprised if there are more, but those who've watched the series and know their history are well aware that some characters won't come back regardless of their fates. This is a series where things don't always end well for the 'good guys,' and that's part of the appeal.