Welcome to Engadget's 2019 year in review

It's the end of the year, and... maybe the decade?

With 2020 fast approaching, it's time for our editors to look back on the year in tech. The first three articles of our year in review went live this morning, covering Spotify's big podcast push, the best games of the year and our favorite gadgets. Over the coming days we've got a lot more for you to read.

What's the deal with high-profile streamers leaving Twitch? Is VR finally going to go mainstream now that a Half-Life game is on the way? What's next for the streaming wars? And when did tech CEOs lose their luster?

Depending on who you ask (and let's not get into that whole "there is no year 0" thing), it's also the end of a decade. To commemorate the start of the twenties, we'll be highlighting the tech that has defined the past ten years, and also comparing the gaming landscape of 2009 with that of 2019.

See our year-in-review schedule below, which will be updated with links to stories as they're published.


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