Tesla puts a music-making app in your EV

Trax could foster your creativity during charging sessions.

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Oliver Ryan, Twitter
Oliver Ryan, Twitter

Never mind kicking back with some TV shows while you're waiting in your EV -- if Tesla has its way, you'll be creative during your downtime. YouTuber Oliver Ryan and others have discovered that Tesla's recently released holiday update includes a Trax app for creating your own tunes. It's not sophisticated, as you might imagine (it makes GarageBand look like a professional tool), but it does let you produce multi-track, keyboard-based compositions that include familiar instruments like Roland's TR-808 drum machine.

Yes, you can save your masterpieces and load them later. It's not clear how easy it is to export music, although you'll at least have a decent sound system if you want to play them for your passengers. You might not want to become too much of a Model 3 maestro as it is -- there isn't an abundance of storage space. Think of this as a way to capture a flash of musical inspiration while you're sitting in the parking lot.

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