WSJ: Comcast might buy the free streaming app Xumo TV

Comcast is gearing up to launch the Peacock streaming service next year.

If you're keeping track of the internet TV landscape there may be change incoming, as the Wall Street Journal reports Comcast -- which is preparing to launch the NBCU-powered Peacock streaming service -- is in advanced talks to buy Xumo TV. While Xumo isn't as familiar of a name, its app is readily available on mobile devices and many smart TV platforms, with the draw of offering free, ad-supported video streaming.

Mostly, it pulls together streams from other providers like ABC News, the Today Show or Wired in its front end so cord-cutters can have their usual TV experience, albeit without paying a dime, and the company also licenses its tech on apps or integrations for companies like LG, Vizio, Sharp and Hisense. While Peacock may have ad-supported or discounted elements and could be free for current pay-TV subscribers, it's not quite clear what it would have in common with Xumo. The WSJ suggests Xumo could provide technical and business support.

Of course, the deal isn't done, but with Peacock set to launch in April, then Comcast may want to get things cleared up well before it launches a new streaming home for The Office and Parks and Recreation.

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