NBC's Peacock streaming service may charge $10 for ad-free viewing

You could also pay $5 per month for limited ads.

NBCUniversal's Peacock service might be free for some viewers, but the network also appears willing to charge money for the ad-averse. The Information tipsters claim that NBC is mulling a $10 ad-free tier as well as a $5 plan with limited ads. That would provide more flexibility and lower prices than Hulu, which has no free tier and starts at $6 per month for limited ads. Of course, Hulu isn't just limited to one broadcaster's content -- you're paying more to get more.

NBC hasn't confirmed the potential new pricing, although you won't have long to find out when it's expected to detail Peacock's cost on January 16th.

The variable tiers would make sense. A free option (even if it's tied to cable service) may be needed to lure customers either wary of a single-network service or suffering from subscription fatigue. Simultaneously, there will likely be customers who insist on an ad-free experience and are willing to pay for the privilege. This three-pronged approach could give Peacock the widest-possible audience, even if its success is still far from guaranteed.

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