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Linksys' Max Stream router can be the center of a mesh network

You might see its 2.2Gbps speeds at the other end of your home.

It's CES, and that means it's time for Linksys to unveil yet another WiFi router -- but this one could be particularly important if you're tired of dead spots in coverage. Its new Max Stream AC2200 is a typical (if quick) tri-band router with 2.2Gbps of combined bandwidth, but includes built-in mesh networking support. If your WiFi bogs down in the bedroom, you can add Velop nodes to keep things humming. You don't have to buy a dedicated mesh system (or litter your home with full-size routers) to guarantee consistent speeds.

Linksys hasn't said when the Max Stream AC2200 ships. However, it'll cost you a not-too-unreasonable $200 when it goes on sale through Linksys, Amazon and Best Buy. While that's more expensive than the base units for many mesh networks (Google WiFi starts at $129), you're also getting a router that makes more sense on its own.

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