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Anker’s new $600 portable projector ups the resolution to HD

The pint-sized media center launches this summer.
Jamie Rigg, @jmerigg
01.08.19 in AV

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It was two years ago that we first came across Anker's soda-can media center, the Nebula Capsule. The all-in-one entertainment device crammed a projector and Bluetooth speaker into a portable package with a respectable 2.5-hour battery life. Anker's now readied a sequel, and is showing it off at this year's CES. The Nebula Capsule II improves upon its predecessor in a number of ways. Not only is the projector running brighter and at a higher, 720p resolution, but it now features autofocus and a more powerful, 8W speaker. Android TV 9.0 running behind scenes means it supports thousands of apps and Google's Assistant, making it a better all-round nomadic entertainment option.

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If, for whatever reason, there isn't an app for that, then the HDMI and USB ports, as well as Chromecast support, should have you covered. USB-C fast-charging takes it from zero to 100 in around 2.5 hours, but beefier insides means the second-gen version is heavier now at 1.5 pounds. Anker recently ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund the global launch of the product, raising over $1.5 million in the process and beating the original Capsule's crowdfunding takings. Unfortunately, all early bird deals are long gone, but Anker's still taking preorders for $599 a pop ahead of its summer 2019 launch.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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