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Google Chrome Labs experiment is Etch A Sketch for your browser

It's called Web A Skeb, and it's just as hard to draw on.

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Google allowing its developers to do their own thing for Chrome Labs can lead to cool experiments the rest of us can play with. One of those developers, for instance, has created a virtual Etch A Sketch for your browser. And, yes, it works even on browsers other than Chrome, including Firefox and Opera. Aptly called Web A Skeb, the experiment works just like the drawing toy and is even as tough to draw on -- it took me a few tries to draw a semi-decent "e," but then again, I haven't had practice in decades.

The only way to draw on Web A Skeb is to twist its dials using your mouse or trackpad, because its developer's original purpose was to create an experiment that uses knobs for input. Based on one of his responses on Twitter, though, he might make the virtual toy more accessible and add the ability to draw on it using arrow keys.

While Web A Skeb works like its physical counterpart -- there's even a "Shake" button to erase your work, and you'll have to press it more than once -- it does come with a couple of extra features. You can press the "Fancy" button to give your lines shadows and "Fanciest" to give it a swirling rainbow color.

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