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Recommended Reading: How we got two Fyre Festival documentaries

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Billy Steele
01.19.19 in Internet

Fyre Fight: The inside story of how we got two warring Fyre Festival documentaries in the same week
Scott Tobias,
The Ringer

We've known for a while now that Hulu and Netflix were both working on documentaries chronicling the ill-fated influencer trainwreck that was the Fyre Festvial. We also knew Netflix was set to debut its version on January 18th. Before it could do so, Hulu debuted its film earlier this week, getting its take on the event that never happened to viewers first. So... why are there two in the first place? And why was Hulu in a rush to be first? The Ringer takes a closer look at just that, including whether or not one is more ethical than the other.

Is Netflix's 'Sunderland Til I Die' the future of sports documentaries?
Jeff Beer,
Fast Company

Netflix's latest soccer docuseries could've been about Sunderland's return to the Premier League a year after being relegated. Instead, it highlighted the massive problems at the club as the team dropped another tier. In the end, the latter was much more compelling to watch.

How Spotify is trying to take over Nashville
Joseph Hudak,
Rolling Stone

Spotify has a plan to court the country music faithful, including trying to woo them away from traditional radio and CDs to its all-you-can-stream service. And Grammy winner Maren Morris is a solid example that the plan could be working.

Actually, 'True Detective' is good
Jeremy Gordon,
The Outline

'True Detective' returned Sunday, and so far, season 3 is looking like compelling television once again. The Outline offers some commentary on the show, including why the highly criticized second season does have its merits.

Dreamscape Immersive wants to bring location-based VR to the masses, starting with a shopping mall
Bryan Bishop,
The Verge

Take a look inside Dreamscape Immersive's new location-based VR adventure center that's tucked into a Southern California shopping center.

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