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The Morning After: A better foldable phone?

And 'The Expanse' is coming back.
Netflix - 'Roma' Carlos Somonte

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

This morning, we're looking at an impressive take on a "foldable" phone and counting Netflix's Academy Award nominations. Plus, there's a date for The Expanse on Amazon Prime, and Fender has a guitar that blurs the line between acoustic and electric.

You've gotta see this one in motion.Xiaomi's flexible phone concept folds on both sides

We haven't even seen Samsung's Infinity Flex device yet, but the latest challenger comes from China's Xiaomi. Its president posted a video on Weibo showing a tablet convertible that bends both sides back to shrink down for use as a phone. It's an impressive trick, but we don't know how quickly we'll see anything like this on the market.

Wasn't this feature in the Galaxy S4?LG's MWC teaser hints at phones with more touchless gestures

Actually touching your phone is just too much work.

Good luck.Alphabet made a quiz to help you detect phishing scams

The company's Jigsaw unit has created a quiz for you to test your phishing-detection skills in case spammy emails slip through your email service's filters and reach your inbox. To craft the quiz, the team drew from materials Jigsaw has used to train thousands of journalists, political figures and activists .

'Two (maybe three) guitars in one.'Fender's acoustic-electric hybrid is a technological wonder

The $2,000 Acoustasonic Telecaster is the first in a series of American Acoustasonic guitars that puts the sounds of an acoustic guitar into the body of an electric guitar. According to Roberto Baldwin, "It sounds like someone has placed a mic up to a traditional acoustic guitar, but you have the option to switch to electric whenever you want to kick out the jams."

Hulu's 'Best Documentary' nod had nothing to do with the Fyre Festival.Netflix registers its first Best Picture Oscar nomination for 'Roma'

It won't surprise you to hear that Netflix is particularly eager for awards this year, and it looks like that thirst might pay off at the Oscars. Alfonso Cuarón's Roma is clearly a front runner after receiving no less than ten nominations, including Best Picture, Leading Actress (Yaliza Aparicio), Directing, Foreign Language Film, Supporting Actress (Marina de Tavira), Cinematography, Original Screenplay, Production Design, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

Mark your calendar.'The Expanse' season three streams on Amazon Prime Video February 8th

Amazon announced the third season of sci-fi series The Expanse will be available for Prime members to stream starting February 8th. The first two seasons of the show, which originally aired on Syfy, are already available to watch on Amazon's streaming platform. Amazon has a fourth season of the show planned, which will be available later this year.

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