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Someone tried to end the 'Fortnite' dance lawsuits with a fake email

A fake email riddled with spelling and grammar errors claimed the lawsuits were "baseless."

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Chesnot via Getty Images

Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht, the law firm leading legal challenges against Epic Games for allegedly illegally copying dance moves used in Fortnite, claims that someone has been impersonating attorney David Hecht in an attempt to undermine the cases. An email with Hecht's name on it was sent to the United States Copyright Office trying to encourage the agency to dismiss the suits against Epic Games.

In the fraudulent email the sender posing as Hecht encouraged the office to reject or dismiss the charges because they "were containing very false information." The fake Hecht also claimed, "What my clients and I have done towards certain gaming companies were very wreckless [sic] and baseless." The law firm was alerted to the fake after the Copyright Office sent an email including the message.

Hecht is the lead attorney representing several celebrities who are suing Epic Games for using dances that are similar or identical to their own. Former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Riberio, rappers 2 Milly and BlocBoy JB and others have joined suits against Fortnite's publisher.

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