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Tune in to our Microsoft MWC liveblog Sunday at 12PM ET!

Join us as we find out if Microsoft is ready to chat about the HoloLens 2.
Billy Steele
02.22.19 in AV

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MWC doesn't officially begin until Monday, but a few companies are revealing the goods this weekend ahead of the show. Microsoft is one of those, and we'll be there on Sunday (February 24th) to bring you all the news as it's announced in liveblog form. Tune into our live coverage right here at 12PM ET/6PM CET as we find out what CEO Satya Nadella and HoloLens creator and Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman have to discuss here in Barcelona. We could see the official introduction of HoloLens 2, or perhaps some Windows Mixed Reality news. But no matter what's on tap, we'll have the details from Spain as they're unveiled on stage. If you want to watch live, head over to Microsoft's event page for the livestream when the time comes.

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