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Mercedes' Concept EQV can transport 8 passengers with its 249 mile range

The premium van is more about moving people than goods.

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A single passenger EV is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. But if you really want to make a difference, you go with a vehicle that transports a lot of humans around. That's what Mercedes is doing with its Concept EQV. a high-end van for moving lots of folks at once.

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The van has an expected range of 249 miles via a 100kWh battery pack and has all the trappings of a premium transporter. Mercedes says it can be configured to handle up to eight passengers and is configurable for families or high-end clients. Plus, it can be set up to haul equipment.

Like all new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the Concept EQV will have the voice-centric MBUX infotainment system. Also, it'll probably have the automaker's driver's assist suite once it goes into production.

While today's vehicle looks currently represent the automaker's EQ concept, the automaker will be showing off a more production ready van at the Frankfurt auto show in September this year.

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