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Tesla's change of heart will bring Autopilot prices 'back to normal'

You can still score the discounts before March 18th.

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Christopher Goodney/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tesla's partial about-face on vehicle pricing will also have an effect on Autopilot pricing. Elon Musk has confirmed that prices for Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving will "revert to normal" on March 18th. The company shouldn't have dropped prices in the first place, Musk said, and only did so "because some simply couldn't afford it." Some existing owners felt as if they'd been ripped off after paying higher prices for features that still weren't fully unlocked.

Everyone who bought the Full Self-Driving Package before the price drop will still be eligible for the Early Access Program, and they'll also get the Autopilot Hardware 3.0 upgrade.

You can still take advantage of the discounted rates before the 18th if you don't already have either feature. While the change in tone isn't helping with clarity (or bargain hunting), it could reassure owners worried that they'd overpaid for Tesla's promise of an autonomous future.

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