Tesla cuts Autopilot upgrade prices for existing EV owners

Those that already splurged will get early access to new features.

Tesla's across-the-board price drops have been helpful for new car buyers, but painful for veteran owners who just watched their EV's value plunge. There's some consolation, however: Tesla is lowering the prices of its autonomy upgrades. Anyone who bought a vehicle before the price drops can buy the Autopilot upgrade for $2,000 after delivery, or half as much as before, while springing for the Full Self-Driving pack on top of that costs $3,000 instead of the earlier $7,000. You're saving about $6,000 if you go all-in, Tesla said.

Those who already splurged on the self-driving option won't be completely out of luck. They'll receive an invitation to the company's Early Access Program, giving them a chance to try new features ahead of their fellow drivers. While this won't fill the hole in your bank balance, it might provide some comfort.

If you want to upgrade to either feature, it'll be a "one-click" online feature starting in April, Tesla added. Until now, after-sale upgrades typically meant making a phone call.

This isn't necessarily the deal drivers would want. After all, Tesla is inviting you to spend more money when you might be concerned that you overpaid. And while the firm is edging ever closer to full self-driving functionality, you're still betting that the tech will be available in a timely fashion and live up to expectations. It's still a big discount, though, and it might prove alluring if you regretted skipping he upgrades the first time around.