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Vehicular battle royale 'Notmycar' hits Steam on April 5th

Play as a roaming weapon of destruction.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
03.15.19 in AV

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If you're fed up of dying too quickly after dropping into a Fortnite or Apex Legends match, another battle royale game with a fresh twist is on the way -- one in which you might be able to get out of dodge fast when a massive firefight goes down. The battle royale fundamentals are all present in Notmycar: you'll drop from a plane onto an island, race around to pick up guns and gear and fight to be the sole survivor as the playable area shrinks. The main difference here is that instead of running around and building structures, you play as a car.

You can customize your vehicle of destruction with the likes of paint jobs and flags, while you can kit out your rolling weapon with rockets, shotguns, grenade launchers and rail guns (assuming you're lucky enough to find them). The free game, from Skybound and NMC Studios, arrives on Steam Early Access April 5th. If you play during that first week, you'll receive an exclusive paint job for a rugged pick-up called The Beast.

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