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Mindy Kaling’s awkward teen comedy is coming to Netflix

The 10-episode, semi-autobiographical series follows a first-generation Indian American teen girl.

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Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Mindy Kaling is bringing "relatable, awkward teen moments" to Netflix. She announced on Twitter that she and screenwriter Lang Fisher are working on a 10-episode comedy. Loosely based on Kaling's own childhood, it will portray the modern-day life of a first generation Indian American teenage girl.

While there's no set release date, this will be Kaling's first Netflix series. Her namesake TV comedy, The Mindy Project, ran for three seasons on Fox before it was picked up for another three seasons on Hulu. And as Deadline notes, Kaling just finished production on a mini-series adaptation of the film Four Weddings and a Funeral for Hulu and UniTV. Kaling was a writer and executive producer for that series, which should be out sometime this year.

Kaling's Netflix announcement comes just a few months after she broke a Sundance record. In January, Amazon spent $13 million on the US rights to Late Night, a movie written, produced and starring Kaling. That's the most spent on a US-only deal at Sundance. Late Night will be in theaters this June, meaning Kaling has a busy year ahead.

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