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Riptide's latest electric skateboard carves like a surfboard

The R1 Black promises tight turning you don't always get on e-boards.

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Electric skateboards are frequently fast, but nimble? Not so much -- even Boosted's Mini boards are meant more for cruising that bobbing and weaving. Riptide might have a solution. It just launched the R1 Black, a variant on the R1 meant to deliver surfboard-like carving. A Surf Adapter from Waterborne Skateboards gives it turning performance about three times better than standard R1 models, and shouldn't sacrifice stability in the process -- you shouldn't have trouble making an evasive maneuver at high speed.

This isn't Riptide's best board in every respect. The top speed peaks at 18MPH rather than the 22MPH of the R1X, and the 7-mile range could limit this to shorter commutes and around-town jaunts.

However, the pricing might hit the sweet spot. The R1 Black is up for pre-order now at a price of $749 ($649 if you buy before April 8th), or right between the base R1 and the R1X. You also won't need to ditch your existing board if you want a similar feel. Riptide is selling a $125 Surf Adapter kit that can introduce that surfboard-like ride to any existing model. You only really need the Black if you're starting fresh and don't need the power of the R1X under your feet.

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