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A fix for the OnePlus 7 Pro's 'phantom tap' issue is on the way

Other touchscreen issues will be remedied too, the company says.

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Richard Lai/Engadget

The OnePlus 7 Pro has only been on the market for a matter of days, and some users are reporting problems with their screens. Some owners are dealing with "phantom taps," which cause the device to register false inputs when they haven't touched the screen. There are suggestions that turning off NFC works as a stopgap to fix the problem, which seems to be a software issue -- OnePlus plans to roll out a patch to resolve it "in the coming weeks."

The company says it had reports of other touchscreen issues, such as devices not registering inputs when some users tap the corners of their screens. OnePlus didn't reveal a timeline for a patch to fix that problem, but said one is on the way.

Here's OnePlus' full statement on the issues, per The Verge:

Phantom taps:

We have received limited reports from users describing their encounter of the "phantom taps" experience. Our team has worked hard to identify these cases, and we will release a firmware update in the upcoming weeks.

Other touchscreen problems:

OnePlus is aware of limited reports of this issue, and we will be issuing a software update to resolve it.

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