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The latest version of Monopoly is voice-activated

The Monopoly Voice Activated Banking Game is hitting shelves on July 1st.

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We've seen a ton of different Monopoly versions over the years, including ones based on Fortnite, Mario Kart and Overwatch. Now, Hasbro is releasing the franchise's take on voice-assisted technology. Seriously. The Monopoly Voice Activated Banking Game turns Mr. Monopoly into a voice assistant, giving him the task of keeping tabs on your money and properties. Yes, Rich Uncle Pennybags speaks and answers your questions in this version of the game through a device shaped like his top hat.

The set doesn't come with paper money, as well as the game's familiar Chance and Community Chest cards -- Mr. Monopoly, for better or worse, handles all transactions. You'll have to press your chosen token's button to ask him how much money you have left or to buy a property for you.

We just hope the voice AI can understand your commands most of the time, because the game might be a lot less enjoyable if you have to repeat yourself again and again. Hey, if Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant get it wrong now and then, it's only natural to be a bit uncertain about Mr. Monopoly. The game will be available for pre-order through Walmart at noon today with a $30 suggested retail price, and it's slated to hit shelves on July 1st.

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