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'Friday the 13th' is coming to Nintendo Switch... on a Tuesday

You can delve into survival horror mayhem on the console August 13th.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
06.20.19 in AV

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Gun Media

You'll soon be able to don Jason Voorhees' iconic hockey mask and try to wipe out a group of campers (or flee from the masked menace) on Switch, as there's at last a release date for Friday the 13th: The Game on Nintendo's console. It emerged back in March developer Gun Media had a spring release window in mind for the Switch version, so it'll arrive a bit later than planned when it lands on August 13th.

When you do get your hands on the Ultimate Slasher Switch Edition, it'll include all released DLC save for exclusives for Kickstarter backers. The $40 physical version also includes a limited-edition poster. There might not be any future updates though, as Gun Media is unable to make any changes because of a lawsuit regarding ownership of the franchise's characters. As such, it's only able to carry out maintenance and bug fixes on Friday the 13th.

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