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Twelve South’s HiRise Wireless charger is made for your desk or on-the-go

The HiRise includes a tiny, detachable Qi charging pad.

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Twelve South

Twelve South has released a new wireless charger that essentially functions as three chargers in one. The HiRise Wireless has a desktop charging stand for your smartphone and a removable USB-C wireless charging pad for when you're on-the-go. That pad will also power up accessories, like your AirPods (assuming they have the new wireless charging case, of course).

While Twelve South is best known as an Apple accessory maker, the HiRise Wireless is suitable for Android phones as well. The charger works with any Qi wireless phone, so this includes the latest phones by Samsung Galaxy, LG, Sony, Google and even Blackberry. And of course, it's compatible with the iPhone 8 and newer models. You can see a full list of phones the HiRise Wireless works with here.

A special perk for AirPod users is the HiRise Wireless's Power Disc, which pops out of the upright stand. Simply place your AirPods case (or any other Qi-compatible device) on the charging pad when the time comes. If you're not a fan of AirPods, you could try the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8, which also includes a wireless Qi charging case that would work with this charger.

Those who are constantly on-the-go will appreciate the sleek, portable design of the HiRise Wireless. You can charge your phone while it's upright and keep an eye on messages or simply place it horizontally on the charging pad. The charger's USB-C power cable is removable, so you can leave it behind and just use the same cables as your MacBook or iPad Pro when you're traveling.

The HiRise Wireless is $80, and starting today you can buy it on the Twelve South website.

Source: Twelve South
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