High rollers: Tell us all about your Galaxy Fold!

Did Samsung’s innovative handset fill you with hope (or horror) for the future of foldables?

Samsung experienced a few missteps in the release of its first folding smartphone: The original release date was pushed back due to durability issues with the plastic screen (including users peeling off a protective layer) and, even after its redesign, there are still concerns about durability. Users have debated whether the high-profile handset is a clunky, but necessary, step on the path to a true folding phone or an expensive niche gadget that only an early adopter could love.

Engadget gave the Galaxy Fold a passable, but not outstanding, score of 70 due to its ongoing durability concerns, the limited usability of the outer screen and the unpolished software. It also found a spot on our worst tech of 2019 list; though all folding phones got a direct rebuke as well. However, we want to hear from folks who splurged on this smartphone -- if you bought a Galaxy Fold, how do you like the form factor? Do you think the handset is durable enough? How great (or useless) is the folding dual screen? And should other people buy it? Tell us all the specifics of this smartphone on our Galaxy Fold product page. Remember your review could be included in an upcoming user review roundup article so don't leave anything out!

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