Kohler's new showerhead is also an Alexa-powered smart speaker

Should that be something you want.

·1 min read

Morning showers aren't usually thought of as a time for entertainment, but if you're really determined to make use of every minute you could try out Kohler's new showerhead with a built-in smart speaker.

The Moxie AI Speaker can be purchased with or without a new showerhead, so you can also fit it to your existing shower. It's powered by Amazon Alexa and docks magnetically, and of course it's fully waterproof with a IPX67 rating. The speaker is tuned for bathroom spaces so it can be heard over the noise of the shower, and it has tactile control buttons and cordless charging.

You could brighten up your evening ablutions with a shower-based sing-a-long, or listen to new or podcasts while you're getting ready for work in the morning. With a playback time of 6-7 hours, the product will be available to order later this year and will cost between $99 and $229 depending on options.

Kohler is also introducing other smart home products including the Aquifer Refine water purification system with WiFi connectivity, the Setra touchless kitchen faucet which can monitor your water usage, the DTV digital shower system which lets you set shower mode presets, two toilets with touchless flushing or intelligent water efficiency features, a heated toilet seat and an outdoor backup generator for if your power goes out.

These products will be available to order this year, or you can see them in action at the Kohler booth at CES 2020.