Das Keyboard's notification service leaves IFTTT on January 10th

One of the main reasons to buy its newer keyboards is going away.

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Kris Naudus/Engadget
Kris Naudus/Engadget

Some of Das Keyboard's highest-end models appear to be losing one of their major selling points. Users are receiving a warning that the Das Keyboard Q notification service, plus its matching applets, will leave IFTTT on January 10th. There's no explanation as to why, but IFTTT is pointing users to other "routers and computer accessories" services as an alternative -- not that they'd likely interact with your keyboard.

We've asked Das Keyboard for comment.

If there isn't a replacement, this leaves 4Q, 5Q and X50Q owners with a problem. IFTTT is vital to the keyboards' light-up alert system. You only have to glance at a key to know if there's a new Twitter post or Twitch stream. Without it, the keyboards lose some of the distinctiveness that helped them stand out from a sea of mechanical keyboards.

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