Netatmo's first smart door lock works with HomeKit

It works with physical Smart Keys, the Netatmo Security app and HomeKit.

Smart home company Netatmo already has a HomeKit-friendly video doorbell, connected smoke alarms and AI-equipped security cameras. Now, the company is ready to introduce its first smart lock.

Netatmo's Smart Door Lock works with physical Smart Keys and the Netatmo Security app. Lock owners can enable additional Smart Keys to open the lock, or send invitations to guests' smartphones. The app-based invitations can be set to expire, which could be useful if you're opening your home to seasonal or weekend renters.

As an added security measure, the Smart Door Lock works via Bluetooth, so the lock isn't connected to WiFi. The Smart Keys work with Near Field Communication (NFC), and they can be deactivated if lost or stolen. The device keeps a log of door access records, which it stores locally in the lock, and thanks to an accelerometer, it can tell if someone is trying to break in.

According to the company, the Smart Door Lock can replace existing cylinder door locks, and it comes with batteries that should last two years. It's compatible with Apple's HomeKit, so users have the option to coordinate other smart home products, say, turning on smart lights when they unlock the front door.

Netatmo is unveiling the Smart Door Lock at CES 2020, but it hasn't shared details about when the device will arrive or how much it will cost. We do know that it won't require a subscription or additional fees to use the Door Lock or access its data.