Sensorwake’s olfactory alarm clock is now the 'Night and Day Diffuser'

Now with scents by Maison Berger of Paris.

If you've ever wished that someone would spritz pleasing smells on your face as you woke up, then it's a good day to be you. Maison Berger is launching a new version of Sensorwake's olfactory alarm clock to diffuse smells that'll help you get to sleep, and wake up again. The Night and Day Diffuser is a "multi-sensory alarm clock" that uses dry diffusion to fragrance your room 30 days in a row.

For the unfamiliar: Sensorwake was an alarm clock that used scents, like that of US dollar bills, to rouse you rather than sound. Its parent company was bought by the famous French perfume maker Maison Berger early last year, and is now launching Sensorwake products under its own name. This time around, Berger's perfumers have crafted the scents, including Dream, for restful sleep, and Energy, to rouse you in the AM.

Each capsule, within a perfumed ceramic plate, will be slotted into the top of the device, with an RFID chip monitoring how many times (up to 30) that you've used it. There's no word on how much the capsules will cost on a monthly basis, but the diffuser itself will cost around $100 when it arrives in September.