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Alexa voice control is coming to Lamborghini and Rivian cars

Turn on air conditioning and make calls without touching a button.

Alexa is about to come to some particularly posh cars, and it'll handle more than you might think. Both Lamborghini and Rivian have announced that Amazon's voice assistant will be integrated in their vehicles by the end of 2020. It'll perform common Alexa tasks like calls, navigation and even paying for gas (for Lambos, that is), but you can also use it for climate control, windows and other basic car functions. You might not have to touch a button if you're just trying to warm up on a cold day.

Rivian added that some Alexa features will be available when the car is offline, so your AI helper won't be completely useless when you're driving through the backwoods.

You can expect to see Alexa available across Lamborghini's entire Huracan Evo range by the end of the year, although the supercar maker couldn't tell Autoblog whether it would be standard or optional -- we'd hope standard given how much you're already paying. Rivian, meanwhile, expects both the R1T and R1S to include Alexa in late 2020.

The Rivian addition isn't completely shocking given Amazon's investment in the automaker. Combined with Lamborghini, though, it shows an overall more aggressive push for in-car Alexa. The technology has been present in cars before, but not so much in the luxury car space, and not with this level of control.