Yale Home aims to fend off porch pirates with its smart delivery box

It also unveiled a smart cabinet lock and safe.

Whenever you're not home and a delivery driver leaves a package on your porch, there's a chance that an opportunistic thief will amble by and snag the box. In a bid to help protect your stuff, Yale Home is releasing a smart delivery box.

You'll be able to use a Yale Access app to lock or unlock the box remotely, grant access to other people, see when it was opened, view the lock's battery life and get notifications when a courier places something inside. You might opt to secure the box or weigh it down so it's harder for people to steal. It costs $229 by itself or $279 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which you'll need to connect the box to your network. There's also an option with the bridge and a cooler bag for $299.

The delivery box is part of Yale's expanded range of smart security products beyond door locks. Its cabinet lock (as you might expect) can secure cabinets or drawers to protect valuables and other sensitive items. Again, you'll receive notifications whenever someone opens or closes the lock. You can fix it to a drawer or cabinet using an adhesive or screws. The lock will run you $79 or $129 with the bridge.

Yale is also offering a smart safe. It's also controllable through the Yale Access app but there's a physical key and keypad too. The safe includes a removable shelf and 4 AA batteries. If those run out, you can hold up a 9V battery and punch in the code so you can access the battery compartment and swap them. It costs $229 or $279 with the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

You'll be able to add a keypad to the delivery box or cabinet lock so you or anyone else can open them using a code. That could make deliveries less of a hassle than having to unlock the box with your phone, since you could provide a courier with the code in the delivery instructions. The delivery box, safe and cabinet lock will all go on sale in the spring.