Canon's Robotic Camera System controls multiple DSLRs from afar

Pros can zoom and move cameras from the comfort of a PC.

Pro photographers who need to control multiple cameras at once just got a useful tool -- if they have the right camera. Canon has introduced a CR-S700R Robotic Camera system that lets you remotely steer multiple DSLRs from a PC. You can only use it for still photos, but you can zoom, pan, tilt and roll when you're trying to capture a sporting event from multiple angles. The absence of video is an advantage, if you believe Canon -- it allows for a "more compact and lightweight" design that doesn't need wires (if you have a companion CR-G100 controller).

There's one main problem: right now, you'll need either an EOS 1D X Mark II or Mark III to take advantage of this. You can forget about slotting in a mirrorless model with a kit lens, at least for now. You'll also need a compatible lens from the high-end L-series family, such as the 24-70mm f/2.8L or the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L.

The Robotic Camera System arrives in mid-February. Canon didn't provide pricing, but cost arguably isn't the deciding factor here. If you're a pro who needs to remotely control multiple cameras for assignments, you can either justify the cost or make your company foot the bill.

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