EPA estimates Porsche Taycan Turbo S range at just 192 miles

You're clearly paying for performance, not longevity.

You'd think that splashing out for the Porsche Taycan Turbo S would deliver some extra range in addition to the improved acceleration (as you get with rivals like Tesla), but that's apparently not the case. The EPA has rated the top-spec model's range at just 192 miles -- that's less than the already modest 201 miles of the regular Turbo. Given that the Turbo S currently starts at $188,960 after delivery and handling fees, you're not getting much longevity for the money.

For context, the current Tesla Model S Performance sells for $99,990 with slightly faster acceleration (0-60MPH in 2.4 seconds versus 2.6) and an EPA-estimated 348-mile range.

There are still reasons you'd consider the Taycan over the Model S, and not just for that Porsche badging. The Taycan may not be quite as fast, but it delivers more sustainable performance. You can thrash around the track or drag strip for a long time without losing your edge. Our early testing suggests there's nimbler handling, too. And while you can get some posh interior options for the Model S, there's little doubt that the Taycan has a fancier cabin with perks like Apple CarPlay. Still, range is range. The best performance in the world doesn't matter if you can't drive to a nearby city without plugging in.