SteelSeries' latest gaming peripherals are more affordable than usual

A new mouse and two new keyboards offer good specs and good value.

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SteelSeries is known for its mid- to high-end gaming peripherals -- now it's hoping to entice more players to its brand with a suite of more affordable items. It's just launched a new mouse and a couple of new keyboards, and for their attractive price points the company has managed to cram in a lot of decent specs.

First up in the Rival 3 mouse. It weighs in at just 77g, features some of SteelSeries' brightest RGBs ever, and includes a brand new sensor, the TrueMove Core. The 8,500 CPI sensor features true 1-to-1 tracking, so movements are perfectly replicated onscreen. This is a pretty big deal for a mouse that costs just $30 -- at this price most companies use regular off-the-shelf desktop sensors.

Then there's the Apex 3 and Apex 5 gaming keyboards, on sale at $50 and $100 respectively. While they're both more affordable than SteelSeries' Apex Pro and Apex 7 lines, they actually share a lot of similar features. The design is almost identical, for a start, with the Apex 5 using the same aluminum chassis and OLED screen, and both featuring similar wrist rests. The Apex 3 uses what the company claims are "whisper-quiet" gaming switches and is also water resistant. The Apex 5, on the other hand, combines membrane and mechanical switches for a hybrid switch. The whole line -- which does a pretty good job of bridging the gap between basic peripheral tech and premium gear -- is available globally now.

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