YouTube TV arrives on PS4 ahead of PlayStation Vue shut down

The monthly price will be roughly the same.

PlayStation Vue subscribers have likely already marked their calendars for January 30th, the day when Sony will pull the plug on its live TV service. But the death of Vue doesn't mean PS4 users will have to move to different hardware for their live and on-demand fix, as YouTube TV is now available on the console. The service has a solid lineup of channels and DVR functions for $50 a month -- the same price as Vue's cheapest bundle -- so the transition from Sony's service to Google's could be a relatively painless one.

YouTube TV has steadily matured over the past few years. New channels join the service on a somewhat regular basis, and it has some decent exclusives. However, Google has raised the monthly subscription cost by about $10 each year. So while YouTube TV may be a cost-effective option now -- especially for PS4 users -- that could change sometime down the line.