'Space Channel 5' returns in VR form on February 25th

The classic rhythm game is getting an update with a twist.

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If you're still pining for Space Channel 5, Tetsuya Mizuguchi's first big music-focused games, you're in for a treat... if you have the right hardware, anyway. Grounding and Sega are releasing a VR take on the franchise, Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash, on February 25th for PlayStation VR owners. You're not taking Ulala's place as she dances her way to saving the galaxy. Rather, you play an intern reporter who dances along to the action while dodging blasts from enemies. The super-colorful '60s style and music remain intact.

There are plans to support other VR platforms, but you'll hear more about those sometime in the future. Wherever you prefer to play, it's arguably welcome news. Rez Infinite helped renew and expand the audience for Mizuguchi's gaming synesthesia, and Kinda Funky News Flash might do the same for players who either never got to play Space Channel 5 the first time around or haven't had a chance to play it for years.

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