The first 'Apex Legends' map is returning for a weekend-long event

Kings Canyon is available to play through a separate playlist.

If it's been a while since you played Apex Legends, you may want to take some time to return to the game this weekend. Starting today through to February 24th, Respawn Entertainment is bringing back Kings Canyon, Apex's original map, as part of a separate playlist. What's more, the Kings Canyon that's available to play this weekend is the original launch version, not the tweaked variant that came with the game's second season.

Respawn took Kings Canyon out of the game's map pool when it released Apex Legends' third season last October. At the time, the studio said it would bring the map back after it had time to study "data, sentiment and feedback." Thanks to a Gamespot report from earlier in the month, we knew Respawn planned to bring the level back, but at the time, it seemed like that wouldn't happen until sometime in late March. This weekend's event seems like a prelude to a more permanent return.