Google's wireless gigabit internet is now called Fiber Webpass

The company has rebranded the Webpass wireless gigabit internet service.

Google Webpass is now known as Google Fiber Webpass in all the cities where the wireless gigabit internet service is available. The tech giant first used the Fiber Webpass name when it deployed both its Fiber and Webpass internet connection services in Austin, Texas last year. Just a few days ago, it also launched both options in Nashville, Tennessee. However, the new name is just a rebranding at this point -- it doesn't necessarily mean that Fiber is expanding to all Webpass cities in the near future.

It does seem to be part of Google's Fiber expansion preparations, though. Webpass head Brien Bell said in his announcement that the new name means Google is "one step closer to providing customers in all of [its] cities a more integrated Google Fiber and Webpass experience." In other words, when Fiber is ready to expand, the branding is already there.

Webpass is a service under Google Fiber that provides point-to-point wireless internet for high-occupancy buildings like offices and apartments. The team installs a rooftop antenna that receives a wireless internet connection for clients like landlords. That building's occupants can then sign up to have their wired connections activated.

"Rolling out our new name and branding is another step in bringing together the best parts of both Google Fiber and Webpass -- building on our shared mission of connecting more people to reliable, customer-friendly, high-speed Internet," Bell also wrote in his post. "We're working as one big team to continue to make sure our customers have a great experience, regardless of where they are and how they get their Internet."