Opera's workspaces keep messy tabs under control

Workspaces and keyboard shortcuts help you find the tab you want.

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If you're a fan of tabbed web browsers, there's a real chance your tabs can be overwhelming at times. Ever try to find that one article you were hoping to read when you have dozens of tabs to wade through? Opera, at least, thinks it can help you clean up that mess. Its newly released Opera 67 for the desktop (aka R2020) introduces tab workspaces that keep you organized. You could have a set of tabs devoted to your schoolwork while another caters just to your social media updates. You can even send links to different workspaces by right-clicking them.

There are more tools that should be helpful regardless of how many tabs you have open. A new visual tab switcher (available with Ctrl-Tab) gives you a Mac-like way to find and switch to tabs using their thumbnails. And if you've ever found yourself opening redundant tabs, hovering your pointer over one of them will highlight any duplicates. You won't spend ages booking a hotel only to panic when you switch to a dupe by mistake.

The new Opera version is free and should be available today for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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