Xbox One gets another simplified dashboard redesign

The update is rolling out now.

Microsoft revealed last month it's been working on a whole host of changes for the February 2020 Xbox One Update, and now they're finally rolling out. The biggest change is yet another new Home interface -- so if you've got downloads set to install automatically you'll notice things are different as soon as it hits. Twists have been removed to make room for dedicated rows for Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community and Microsoft Store, and you'll be able to add or remove rows however you wish. Over in My Games & Apps, meanwhile, things have also been pared back for easier navigation.

Elsewhere, Conversations are (finally) getting support for images and animated GIFs, and images sent from the Xbox mobile app will now display on console, too. Game Pass members are getting extra controls over what content they download from larger bundle listings, and all players can now decide where their notifications appear on screen. Switch this up by going to Settings > Preferences > Notifications and clicking "Default notification position."

Mixer has been given some viewing improvements -- you can now switch chat mode to "classic chat," which displays messages in their won dedicated space besides the video. You can also manually select the resolution you want to watch content on, and more easily navigate information about individual streamers.

Finally, Storage Management Suggestions has been given a tweak to accommodate external storage attached to consoles. Previously, if you ran out of space your Xbox One would make space-freeing suggestions based on the content taking up the most room on your hard drive. The update now introduces a "Move" option for those with external storage, giving you the choice to move or remove items in order to free up space.