'Overwatch' college esports series will award $40,000 in scholarships

The Collegiate Clash might help some players turn pro.

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Tyler Blint-Welsh for The Washington Post via Getty Images
Tyler Blint-Welsh for The Washington Post via Getty Images

There's certainly an active Overwatch college esports scene, but it can be difficult for a player to stand out and turn pro when there are hundreds of schools. Activision Blizzard, Torque and UMG might have a way for serious players to shine. They're launching an Overwatch Collegiate Clash series that will have college competitive teams square off for a chance at both recognition and a total $40,000 in esports scholarships. The eight-week series will have eight teams face each other per week, with a final round pitting the winning teams against each other.

The first Collegiate Clash is due to start in late March and will broadcast live on UMG's Twitch channel.

The notion of elevating college players isn't completely novel. Epic is starting official Fortnite college circuits, for instance. However, this could be helpful for any student who's hoping to compete in the Overwatch League or otherwise make a living from their Mercy or Reinhardt skills. The problem, as such, is simply the limitations of the schedule. A two-month series doesn't give players much opportunity to thrive -- the scholarships will help, but victory won't necessarily guarantee a path to glory.

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