The next 'Destiny 2' season tasks you with saving the Last City (again)

Season of the Worthy also brings back Trials of Osiris.

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Now that the next season of Destiny 2 is a week away, Bungie is finally ready to shed light on just what it entails through a roadmap and a trailer. The Season of the Worthy's main story challenges you with nothing less than saving the Last City... yes, again. The Cabal have sent the Almighty (the star-destroying ship you crippled in the original D2 campaign) on a crash course with humanity's refuge, and you'll need to power up the Rasputin AI to take the spacecraft out of commission. In addition to the core missions, there will be public events (Seraph Towers), bunker activities and a Grandmaster difficulty level for the Ordeal Nightfall strike.

Competitive multiplayer may be the highlight for some. As hinted earlier, this season brings back the original Destiny's Trials of Osiris. The weekend 3v3 elimination mode unlocks your character's full potential and rewards win streaks with special gear, among other perks. You can also expect a Guardian Games event starting April 12th that rewards class-based competition with special armor.

As with every season in the Shadowkeep era, paying for a Season Pass showers you with extras. There will be weekly Rasputin challenges, legendary Lost Sectors and an Exotic quest for PvE fans, and you'll instantly unlock gear like seasonal armor (above) and the Thompson-inspired Tommy's Matchbook. You can also anticipate more goodies with level unlocks, faster progression and loads of extra cosmetics, bounties and triumphs.

The new season starts March 10th and runs until June 9th. It's not clear if Bungie's current seasonal format is paying off, but there will be plenty of things to do as spring gets underway.

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