The next 'Destiny 2' season will revamp swordplay

In the meantime, there's an imminent Valentine's Day event.

While Bungie has mostly been coy about what the next season of Destiny 2 will entail, it just dropped a big clue. The studio has revealed that the season starting March 10th will dramatically rework swords. For one, they'll have their own pool of recharging energy used to power both ground-based heavy attacks and guarding -- the more energy you have, the more options and effectiveness you'll have. While you'll still need ammo to guard, this should encourage you to mix up your swordplay with different attacks and more guarding.

The rethink will also let swords partly bypass AI enemies' shields, and there are tweaks to damage levels and perks. Don't assume your favorite blade will work the same way as before, then.

There will be things to do in the meantime. Bungie is running its customary Valentine's Day event, Crimson Days, between February 11th and February 18th. It'll be a familiar experience that encourages you to play in pairs in Crucible matches, but with a few new perks. There are two new exotic Sparrows to earn that, combined, make a lovey-dovey symbol. And if you're willing to pay real cash to obtain Silver, you can buy a heart emote that becomes extra-special when a teammate joins in. Think of it as a last hurrah for the winter season before spring kicks in.