Twitter users on Android can now pin lists to their Home feeds

The feature was released for iOS last September.

Twitter's curated timeline algorithm is iffy, but the chronological timeline can turn into a mess, too. In September, the platform rolled out a feature that let iOS users quickly swipe between five pinned lists, as well as the Home timeline. This helped users create their own customized experience -- one could quickly scroll through the accounts that are most relevant to them and ensure they didn't miss anything important. Twitter assured Engadget that the same feature would come to Android shortly, and that day is finally here. The company announced that Android users should start seeing the new feature today.

Lists have been a feature within Twitter for a long time, but they're buried under menus, making them inconvenient to use. However, they can be a great way to find relevant information quickly now that they're easily accessible. For example, a user could create a list of their favorite bands and quickly check if any of the groups have announced any concerts in their area, or they could build a list of relatives to keep up on family updates.

This feature is similar to the capabilities found in third-party apps like TweetDeck, but having swipeable lists in the main app will help more users take advantage. Desktop users can easily access lists, too, as they're prominently listed on the left toolbar.