Japan's life-size 18m Gundam statue can move (a little)

The completed statue is scheduled to go on display this fall.

Besides Fila apparel capsules, the 40th anniversary of Gundam is also being celebrated with a life-size, moving statue. While it won't go on display for the public until later this year in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, a recent media tour visited the Gundam Factory and saw the latest version of the project.

There they saw the internal frame of the Gundam under construction and it... moved as if it could make a step. It's pretty far from the real-live mecha action we'd like to see, but still impressive, and only possible by using materials to shave tons from its weight, and replacing hydraulic actuators with electrical ones. It's far more action than the 30th anniversary statue saw before its parts were scattered across an artificial island, or even the impressive 2017 model.