Netflix will end 'Lost in Space' with a third season in 2021

The showrunner will produce more for Netflix after this.

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One of Netflix's biggest sci-fi shows (and biggest shows, period) is winding to a close. Netflix has renewed Lost in Space for a third and final season expected to premiere sometime in 2021. This isn't the product of Netflix's habit of canceling shows after three seasons, thankfully. Series showrunner Zack Estrin stressed that the modernized tale of the Robinsons and the Robot was designed as a trilogy with a "clear beginning, middle and end," and it's just reaching its expected conclusion.

It's also not the end for Estrin's work with Netflix. On top of the renewal, he has signed a "multi-year" deal to create more Netflix exclusives. Estrin didn't hint at what those shows might entail.

Lost in Space hasn't been a critical darling for Netflix. With some exceptions, its average responses on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes have characterized as a good-but-not-great production. With that said, there's little doubt that it has been important to Netflix. The first season pulled in strong viewership, and Netflix's advertising blitz for the second season made clear that it expected a repeat. Even if a third season isn't a major success, the series will have achieved its goal of reeling in subscribers.

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