Disney+ reportedly scrapped a 'Tron' series from John Ridley

The streaming service may be tightening its focus.

As scarce as Disney+ originals might be at the moment, Disney is apparently being picky about just what reaches its streaming service. Hollywood Reporter sources claim Disney+ developed and ditched three originals in the past year, including an unannounced Tron series from 12 Years a Slave producer John Ridley. The show had reportedly been in the works for "several months" even though it hadn't been officially greenlit, the insiders said. It's not certain why the life-inside-a-computer series didn't survive -- the other two shows were cut for wildly varying reasons.

Muppets Live Another Day, a comedy that included Frozen alumnus Josh Gad, supposedly got canned after an executive change at Muppet Studios. The Disney villain drama Book of Enchantment, meanwhile, had issues with a "dark tone" and big budget.

The cancellations may reflect a struggle at Disney+ to find its identity and tighten its focus. The service is suppose to be the family-friendly side of Disney, but there's fuzziness over where that line is being drawn. While the High Fidelity and Love, Simon shows were bumped to Hulu after Disney deemed them too adult-oriented, The Simpsons is firmly entrenched on Disney+ despite its violence and not-so-subtle sexual innuendo. It appears difficult for creators to know just where they stand, and Disney's attempt to figure that out may have produced some high-profile casualties.