'PUBG Mobile' tournament moves online to avoid coronavirus

You can still watch the Pro League event on March 19th.

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PUBG Corporation/Tencent
PUBG Corporation/Tencent

One of the biggest mobile gaming tournaments is changing format to deal with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Tencent and PUBG Corporation are turning the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia tourney into an online event due to "unforeseen circumstances" with the virus. It'll still be available to watch online at PUBG Mobile's esports-oriented YouTube channel -- fans just won't get to watch in person.

This definitely isn't the first esports event to be affected by COVID-19. Blizzard cancelled Overwatch matches to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. It is one of the more prominent examples, though, and shows that some forms of pro-level competitive gaming can persist even when a health crisis makes it risky to gather a real-world audience.

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